Phil Matthews - Producer/Actor

Phil Matthews

No stranger to offbeatcomedy, Matthews made his feature film debut in the 1998 New York Independent Film and Video Festival in a film about the mafia controlling Bingo games. He has since starred in six comedy features for Robert Cinema and Clark Street Productions, each time bringing his unique brand of raw humor that shocks while revealing character. Matthews also worked as a producer on five DV feature length films before accepting the starring role in Honored. Honored was Matthews’ first short film. 



WINNER - New York International Independent Film

& Video Festival Best Comedy Short Film - Honored


WINNER - 2010 Los Angeles Movie Awards Best Narrative Short Film - Honored (Honorable Mention)

WINNER - 2012 Toronto International Film & Video Festival:  Best Comedy Short Film: DAMAGED GOODS (Honorable Mention)

WINNER - 2012 Oregon Film Awards - Best Short Film: DAMAGED GOODS

(Silver Trophy Award)


WINNER - 2011 Best Actors
(in a) Film Festival Best Actor in a Comedy Short -Honored (Honorable Mention)

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