Mike Valentino - Film Composer

"Val” is an atmospheric world composer in the vein of Tangerine Dream, Enya, and Vangelis.  With over 1,000 fans on Jango Internet Radio, as well as three composition awards from the Vh-1 supporting SONG OF THE YEAR:  International Music Competition Valentino has successfully managed to create  entrancing soundscapes that are as majestic as they are beautiful.  By teaming up with Jersey Flix Productions, Valentino has easily transitioned his gift for writing into creating the perfect score to undertone or even drive the emotional track of any scene.




SEMI FINALIST 2013 Song of the Year International Music Competition - Best Instrumental Track:  

The Seven Pools


RUNNER UP 2011 Song of the Year International Music Competition - Best Instrumental Track:  

Dreams of Escape

FINALIST - 2009 Song of the Year International Music Competition - Best Instrumental/World Track:  

Past Has Gone



WINNER - 2011 LA SCREENPLAY Competition

3rd Place:  Best Teleplay Tenure

WINNER - 2009 Exposurama ScreenplayCompetition 

Best Original Sitcom:  Tenure

FINALIST - 2009 People's Pilot Competition:  Tenure

SEMI-FINALIST – 2009 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards:  Tenure



WINNER - 2012 Toronto International Film & Video Festival:  
Best Comedy Short Film:  DAMAGED GOODS (Honorable Mention)
WINNER - 2012 Oregon Film Awards - Best Short Film:  DAMAGED GOODS 
(Silver Trophy Award)

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