Michael Miceli - Writer/Director

Winner of 13 screenwriting awards over the past 3 years, including the 2011 New York Independent Film Festival’s Best Comedy Short Film (Honored).  Miceli also won an award for Best Director of a Comedy Short Film from the Best Actors (in a) Film Festival in 2011 before being awarded “Best Short Script” from the LA Comedy Awards in November for Damaged Goods.  Funny, energetic and motivating, Miceli is one of the NY area’s hottest young filmmaking talents. 



WINNER -- 2013 Honolulu Film Awards

 "Aloha Accolade" Award  for Best ScriptBESA

WINNER -- 2013 Bloody Hero International Film Festival 

 Best Action Adventure Feature BESA

WINNER -- 2012 Script Pipeline's First Look Project

 Best Adapted Screenplay BESA

WINNER -- 2012 NY/LA International Film Festival 

 Best Script - BESA



WINNER - 2011 LA Comedy Festival

Best Short Screenplay Damaged Goods


WINNER - 2011 Los Angeles Movie Awards

Best Script Damaged Goods (Honorable Mention)


WINNER2011 LA REEL Film Festival 

Best Script Damaged Goods (Honorable Mention)


WINNER - 2011 Los Angeles Movie Awards

Best Script A Life Relented (Honorable Mention)

WINNER - 2011 Los Angeles

Movie Awards Best Script - Honored (Honorable Mention)


WINNER - 2011 LA SCREENPLAY Competition

3rd Place:  Best Teleplay Tenure

WINNER - 2009 Exposurama Screenplay Competition 

Best Original Sitcom:  Tenure

FINALIST - 2009 People's Pilot Competition:  Tenure

SEMI-FINALIST – 2009 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards:  Tenure


WINNER 2011 Best Actors (in a) Film Festival 
Best Director of a Comedy Short: Honored (Honorable Mention)


 WINNER - 2012 Toronto International Film & Video Festival:  

 Best Comedy Short Film: DAMAGED GOODS (Honorable Mention)

 WINNER - 2012 Oregon Film Awards - Best Short Film: DAMAGED GOODS 

 (Silver Trophy Award)

 WINNER – 2011 New York International Independent Film & Video
 Festival Best Comedy Short Film - Honored


 WINNER -2010 Los Angeles Movie Awards:
 Best Narrative Short Film - Honored (Honorable Mention)

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